Report Spam Blogger Blog To Google Directly

Ever want to report a blogger blog that is automatically or manually copying all your contents with your consent? Want to report a blogger blog because of legal issues?

The truth is that Google has tried really hard in fighting spams for years, and they’re doing it right. After encountering several issues with some spam blogs, i can stand proudly to say that:

Blogger takes violations of our Terms of Service very seriously.

If you found a blogger blog that engaging in any suspicious behavior, here are the official links which you can use in reporting them to the blogger help team.

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Google Official Blogger Blog Report Urls

You can directly report all Spam, phishing, or malware on Blogger blog by Clicking Here

Just select the appropriate abuse type which are listed below to access the relevant contact form and get help from the Google blogger help team.

Take Note that blogger is a huge platform, and it’s currently, the No 1 Most used free platform for bloggers around the world, which means that there would be lots of requests from Bloggers too.

Just be patient after you have successfully filed a report, they’ll reply or contact you directly.

If what you want is to discuss and have your case submitted to the Blogger team, you can get them through the Google Blogger Official Forum.!overview

Hope you get that problem resolved pretty soon.

Just in case you have any question, don’t forget to use the comment box to get my attention.

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