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How To Request Google Adsense Check Reissue

Making money online through google adsense is one of the best feelings when it comes to making money online through blogging.

But one thing that annoys publishers the most, is after making money with google adsense, and due to some issues with the check issued to you by the Adsense payment team, you need to request a recheck, here’s how you can officially and legally request for a recheck and cancel the previous check.

What I would also love you to note is that Adsense let’s all her publishers reissue their adsense check, and what this means, is that you can appeal for your check to be reissued and Google will re-send another one to you. All you just need to do is to fill an online form which will be sent to the Adsense payment team.

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So if you think you should have received your check and it was not delivered to your doorstep, then you can put a stop to it and Google will reissue the check to you.

You can Officially Request a Reissue Of Your Adsense check, using the following guidelines.

Step 1. You’ll be required to fill the official adsense check reissue form by clicking the link below:

After you have filled the online form, after the online form, you will receive a message from the Payment team.

Please note that within the next Fifteen (15) days, your earnings which was previously mailed to you will be accredited back into your adsense account.

Once this has been done, and you logged into your adsense account, you will see a noticed in your dashboard which reads something familiar to this:

“Check stopped – earnings credited back’ line appear on your Payment History page”.

In some situation where as the check which you had already request a reissue later got to you, please “don’t deposit it at the bank” because most likely, your bank may charge fees for depositing a stopped check.

For additional questions, I’d encourage you to visit the AdSense Help Center ( ) or the official AdSense blog ( ).

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