Simple Methods To Check WordPress Theme Name

I’ve recieved several messages from my readers asking me to tell them which theme a wordpress site is using, if it’s customized, a free theme or paid one.

Well, sincerely, i have recieved some of these messages and have response to most of them, so instead of typing the methods always, i’ve decided to share it here on my website.
Below are two methods in which you can use to check the theme of any WordPress Blog?

1.View Page Source:
By viewing your page source, you can know the theme of any wordpress blog, this can be done In Google Chrome.
Just open the wordpress site you want to check the theme, then just simply right click on the page and select
“View Source”

2. Press CTRL+F and search for “style.css”

3. Right after that, at the top of the stylesheet, you should see something that says either “Theme Name” or “Template”. There’s your theme name right there.

4. Sometimes, you might get lucky and also be shown a URL for the theme where you can either buy or download it.

The second method you can use to check a WordPress site theme using the website shared below, it’s both fast and simple.
Just click on the website link below and insert the website url you want to know the wordpress theme.

what wordpress theme is that

Note that this
Works great, some time, this tool (above shared website) even goes ahead to tell you what plugins the website you’re checking out is using.

You can also use Wp Scan to check which WordPress theme a website is using.
However, what’s really annoying is that you’ll be required to download the file.

click here to download Wpscan.

However, the simplest Method and best one is this!
You can check the name of a wordpress site theme by going through the website sub directory and checking where it’s installed.

Important Notice:
Please note that the above shared methods on how to know the themes of any wordpress site, is not a foolproof method.
However, majority of WordPress websites/blogs just leave the themes details as they were installed, default theme name and everything.

But you can always dig deeper into the source code if you don’t find your answer immediately.

  1. Reply Rajesh August 11, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Thanks for sharing this method, but this method will not work for custom themes. Also many people change the name of purchased theme.

    • Reply Isaiah Joe August 14, 2013 at 12:40 pm

      Hello Rajesh,
      thanks for dropping by to read this informative article, yes, bu it is really worth the trial, however, not everyone would change a theme name that is custom made, and themes we are mainly concerned about, are custom made themes.

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