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Guidelines For Starting an Online Business

Is your startup online business getting ready to go live? If this is the case, there are many preparations that must be made. Not the least of which is the security of your entire website.

All of your files and data need to be protected from thieves and your competition. This is especially important if you are going to be accepting credit card payments from your customers. Financial transactions of any kind need to be safeguarded at all costs.

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Allowing the sensitive financial information of your customers to fall into the hands of criminals could set you up for a major lawsuit. Therefore, all security protocols must be in place and working correctly before your site goes live and you start accepting payments from the public.

Online Business

Here are some things for you to think about regarding security for your online business.

1. Password and login security

Your customers will be constantly logging into your site. This means that criminals will also constantly be trying to steal the login details of your legitimate customers in order to gain access to their accounts and financial details. This is why you need to make sure you have the latest SSL certificates in place as a way of binding a cryptographic key through digital means to the details of your company.

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This type of security measure is incredibly effective. It also limits the possibility of a data breach that could be potentially devastating for your business. If you suffer a data breach in the early days of your business, before it is established, it could be something that is impossible for you to overcome. You should also require your customers to create passwords that are very difficult for hackers to guess.

For example, force your customers to use at least one capital letter and number in their password. This is a technique that many financial institutions have started to use.

2. Customer confidence is everything

If people are going to be spending money on your site on a regular basis, they want to feel confidant that all of their financial details will be protected and kept out of the hands of hackers who could use them to commit identity theft. Companies such as Target and Michaels Arts & Crafts have both suffered enormous amounts of negative publicity due to data breaches that allowed the credit card numbers of their customers to be obtained by hackers.

After such a terrible event, many customers have understandably expressed concern about using their credit card at either of those large chains. This is a problem that will linger with both of these companies. It will always be in the back of the public’s mind. Why shop at either of those stores when they could shop at a different store that never had a data breach?

3. Credit card processing

There are many companies that handle credit card processing for online businesses. Before hiring one of these companies, make sure you thoroughly check their reputation and background to ensure they are legit.

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