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Ten Best Sites Which Pay Writers (worldwide) Per Article

Recently, i got engaged with the article stuff, and truthfully, i have been doing some niche site building, and as you know, enticing article is the key (which is after the SEO though.) , so i got myself engaged and started searching for the best place to hire article writers, and yes, where they are been paid to write professionally!

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Ten Best Sites Which Pay Writers (worldwide) Per Article

As we all know, writers are always looking for work, so after an intense research, i came up  with a list of 10 sites that accepts writers worldwide and pay upfront for every article that is submitted and reviewed.

Gosh, i almost forgot, this website will also be useful for niche website owners too, you can buy articles from any of the below listed websites.
And yes, am open minded here, so if you know any other sites (honest and legitimate websites) that accepts writers worldwide (not just writers from the UK and US) please do share them here, using the comment section.

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1. Article Sale: This is one of the best website to sell your original contents, when i say original, i mean articles which have not been published else where. so if you have such articles, then you can sell them on this site.

2. Text Master:; This particular website accepts international writers. You will be required to provide a unique writing sample when applying, and if it’s accepted, then you will be writing for top blog owners in selected categories and start smiling to the bank.

3. Blogging Organisation; This particular website always do pay upfront through PayPal when you have the minimum payout level, which is Twenty Five Dollars only ($25)

4. Constant-Content: This article selling website, is always open for writers who can write well, plus they are very strict about copy paste writers, so the articles you’ll be providing should be unique.

5. CloudCrowd; This is another article selling website, and it’s as good as Number 4, but the difference here is their sign upp, you will be required to sign up using your Facebook account.

6. ContentDivas: This a wonderful site for writers looking to earn money online, and what’s even more intriguing about this website?
They Pays upfront. And as a writer, you can always apply for a writing position through their website using the shared link above.

7. iWriter; This is one of the best website for writers and it’s really popular too, and i guess, what made iwriter so popuar is that they pay upfront.
All you need to do as a writer, is just to sign up to the site and start getting orders. You do not need to fill out any applications or provide any writing samples. Pays weekly.

8. Mturk: This is another website for article writers and article buyers, as a writer, you can earn money here too, but their payment system is way different from others, they choose to pay through Amazon gift certificates. Only US and Indian writers are paid cash through check.

9. NinerNiner; This website is built for writers to sell their writing skills, and yes, they are specific o the amount they pay writers per article (words) They pay $0.50 for blog posts (300-500 words). Signing up as a writer is quite easy.
NinerNiner Pays through PayPal.

10. Fiverr.  This is the 5 dollar website, where everything is 5 dollar, and yes, as a writer, you can make some money selling your skills here, with  Fiverr, you can set up your own terms and service, and set up a gig and sell your writing services for $5.

Bonus: bubblews Pays writers when they shared their knowledge through blog posts, Bubblews pays per view. Minimum payout is Paypal and it’s $25. You can try them out. But before trying bubblews, i think you should go through their Terms of service.

As a writer, have you ever used any of the above listed websites?
what’s your view on any of them and which is the best in your opinion?

Likewise, for bloggers who buys articles for their niche websites, what’s the best website you do use for buying original and copyscape free articles?
Use the comment box below , LET’S share our view on this.
Please if any website which is paying writers (or where you are buying articles) to write articles is not listed above, do mention them along side your comment, and i’ll check them out and edit the list.

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