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THE biggest marketplace online, where buyers and sellers exchanges service for $5, has just released another feature which would help sellers, tip buyers on services they so much appreciated.

According to a press release which they released, this feature was made possible, after popular demands, both from Buyers and Sellers, allowing buyers to reward sellers, they disclosed that this is just in a testing phase, and if it’s a welcome development, it would be implemented into the system.

The introduction of this feature will help clean fiverr of services which are created by buyers, who have created extras or additional Gigs for tipping, and this is to the advantage of the sellers, because there would be more room for actual extras.

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How Does This Tips Works?

This Tip feature is not mandatory for buyers. However, a buyer who is well satisfied by the service provided to him, can decide to ‘tip’ his seller.

Once an order is marked as complete and a positive review is left of four stars and above, the buyer will have the option to leave a tip for the seller.

When a seller has successfully delivered and complete a gig, the ‘Tip’ feature would be open for seven days, giving the buyer, time to check the service provided, and after seven days, the tip button for the service provided would be removed. But if a buyer decides to tip the seller for a job well done, the tips is moved over to the sellers account once order is complete. made the tip feature of three different options, and they are:

1. A buyer can give a custom tip.
2. You can also leave a message praising the seller’s work
3. The last is just to say “thanks”.

The last two options may have a huge impact on ranking in Fiverr search for the service you’re offering, and receiving ‘thanks’ and ‘praises’ can push the sellers account to a higher level.

Buyers Can Give Tip of How Much?

The minimum amount is $5.
For orders below $25, the tip can be up to $25.
For orders above $25, the tip can be up to 100% of the price of the order.

Important Note:
Take note that this limitations are implemented to avoid some dubious persons trying to use fiverr for fraudulent activities.

Once the buyer clicks the “Tip Now” button, the tip amount will be deducted from the buyer’s shopping balance. If there is no money left in the shopping balance, the buyer will be redirected to the payment page, to use either, Paypal, Mastercard to pay for the tip.

Why is Fiverr charging fees For Tipping Buyers?

Fiverr management board has disclosed that the company will take ONLY 20% commission to all tips. According t them, the reason why this is applied here, is to prevent abuse or fraud on the platform. The same fee applies to the “Tip Gig” many sellers create, so the fees aren’t extra, they’re now a part of the total order.

The processing fee is added in situations where a buyer is required to use other payment methods instead of the shopping balance. Since this will create another transaction, the tip is subject to the Fiverr processing fee. This fee already applies to the “Tip Gig” many sellers create, so the fee isn’t extra.

Take note that the tip will clear at the same time of the order.

However, if a buyer has already tip you, but later cancels the order, the tip will be cancelled and money returned to the buyer.

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