Unite Here Local 2 Collective Bargaining Agreement


1941: The new San Francisco Employers` Council provoked a major restaurant strike in the summer by imposing 30% wage cuts. Shortly thereafter, the Hoteliers` Employers` Association took the opportunity to provoke a series of hotel strikes in which it too sought concessions. In October, the hotel`s employers were struck by the fact that the Sir Francis Drake Hotel replaced the group under a new management, after it was recently taken over by Conrad Hilton. The remaining strikes ended in December, when the War Labour Council reached an agreement on all strikes at Pearl Harbor. The media are invited to participate in the counting of ratification votes and the announcement of the results at 6 p.m. Please confirm twaechter@unitehere2.org for location details. Copies of collective agreements – union members and union employees have the right to obtain or view copies of collective agreements. 2008 – More than 300 employees in 2 non-union hotels; Hyatt Fisherman`s Wharf and Hotel Le Méridien are leading the battle for non-union hotel employees in San Francisco. They are looking for neutrality agreements from their employers.

In February 2009, a majority of workers at both hotels called for a boycott of their employers. 1886: Restaurants organized District Assembly 58 of the Knights of Labor and 50 restaurants were strikeed in solidarity with the Bakers Union. In the same year, DA joined 58 other local unions to create the San Francisco Labor Council. UNITE HERE Local 2 is the Union of Immigrant Workers and represents more than 12,000 members in the hotel, restaurant and airport sectors in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, including Marriott employees at seven San Francisco hotels: The Courtyard Marriott Downtown, Marriott Marquis, Marriott Union Square, Palace Hotel, St. Regis, W and Westin St. Francis. For more information, visit www.unitehere2.org. 1996 – Marriott employees organize to join the union. At first, the hotel refused to comply with the terms of a card control contract it had previously signed, which triggered a long labour dispute over the right to organize and a fair contract. After six years of picket lines, a temporary strike and a boycott, the workers were awarded their first contract in 2002. 1930 – In the middle of the Great Depression, the people of San Francisco built “soups,” where unemployed cooks and waiters brought relief to their siblings.

Contact: Ted Waechter, 919-636-1124, twaechter@unitehere2.org Twitter: @UniteHereLocal2 #1job #MarriottStrike San Francisco, California. After more than two months of strike action, nearly 2,500 employees of the local hotel UNITE HERE tentatively agreed last night on a new contract with Marriott. The landmark agreement includes life-changing wage standards, affordable health care, job security protection and reduced precarious workloads. The interim agreement ends the longest large-scale work stoppage the San Francisco hotel industry has seen in decades. Pending an ongoing ratification vote, hotel employees will return to work on Wednesday, 63 days after the strike began, under the slogan “work should suffice.” “Three generations of my family have to share an apartment because my job at Marriott is not enough. Thanks to what we gained during this strike, I can afford a better place,” said Candida Kevorkian, who works in the household at Marriott s Westin St. Francis and sits on the union`s bargaining committee with 180 other hotel employees. I am so proud and happy that my staff and I have remained strong and united. Together, we have made a better life. 1934: San Francisco hotel employees leave at the same time as the Longshore Union strike from May to June.

On 5 June, two trade union activists – including a member of the Cook 44 Board – were shot dead by the employers` militia. In response, the Labour Council launched a three-day general strike, involving 150,000 workers across the Bay Area.