Va Ipa Agreement


Truth: agencies do not need OPM authorization to carry out missions under the authority of the IAP. Federal authorities interested in the use of the Agency simply enter into a written agreement. The objective of amending the PPI should be added to the basis for the allocation of mobility on page 2, part 6, section 21 of the agreement. The validity dates for the different amounts must be shown on page 2, box 23. 1 The period of service for each IAP agreement must not exceed two years. An IAP is a VA funding mechanism to reimburse some or all of the salaries and ancillary benefits of a faculty or non-teaching person working on VA-funded sponsored research awards. The objective of this type of agreement is to strengthen the relationship between the SBU and the VA by temporarily assigning SBU specialists to work with VA. Any substantial change in an employee`s obligations, responsibilities, wages or workstations must be counted as an amendment to the original agreement. Minor changes, such as annual salary increases or changes in benefit rates, are processed through a standard DE-VA memorandum.

Any substantial changes to a staff member`s obligations, responsibilities, salary, employment or supervisory relationships should be properly accounted for as a change in the original agreement. The award agreement for each employee must always be precise, complete and current. Minor changes, such as wage increases due to annual wage adjustments, benefit changes resulting from revised insurance coverage and very short-term changes in tariffs, do not require changes to the original agreement. Federal authorities should use their own form to register the agreement. The specific content of the agreement may vary depending on the assignment. Agency forms must contain at least the following information: A transfer may be interrupted at any time at the choice of the federal state or the non-federal organization. Where possible, the party terminating the agreement before the original completion date should give all parties 30 days. This notification should be made in writing and contain the reasons for the termination. The Office of Human Resources Management may terminate a mandate or take other corrective action if a transfer is found to be contrary to the provisions of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act. A mobility task must be completed immediately when the agent is no longer employed by his or her original employer, whether it is a detail or an appointment.