99 + 21 Ways On How To Promote Your Blog

Here’s what you will be learning Today After reading through this article:
How to promote your blog and created that contents that goes viral on social media
How to build up a lasting, trustworthy relationship with your readers and audience.
Simple but Effective tactics to promote your blog.
The main places/venues you should be promoting your blog.

ways to promote your blog

If you’re an ardent reader of Omoscowonder, you will noticed that for sometimes now, I do focus more on keywords like “how to promote blog, blog promotions, how to make blog popular” and so forth.

Well, you won’t blame me if you had known that I was once struggling with the term blog promotion, I have a blog, I have great, awesome, excellent articles all over my blog, the design is mind-blowing, the speed load time smoking, but where can I get the “Traffic” from? There’s no one reading my blog, and my website visitors is always the same

“Which I strongly know was me, because I keep reloading my website every time”

This infographic contained here is the Most comprehensive way on how To build up your blog traffic and promote it to a larger audience and bring your blog to the eyes of your targeted viewers/readers/audiences etc without spending a single dime.

This was my main problem as I go to sleep and wake up every day, sometimes, I even dream of having lots of comments/visitors coming over to my blog, dropping their comments, and advertisers contacting me, saying that they would love to advertise, but still yet, no matter how much I dream, no matter how long I sleep to make the dream last longer and smiling stupidly while I sleep (my little brother always tell me I do smile when I sleep), I always wake up to the harsh reality that my blog is not getting up to the required Traffic. Back then, I can’t even open up my mouth to tell anyone that am a “blogger” because there was no evident of the “good life” in me or around me, I was blogging with Nokia phones, like the Nokia 2626, E50.

I sleep late at night, trying to build up my traffic, and I wake up late only to start browsing again with no single evident that I was writing and spilling out great, unique and helpful articles the other day.

Well, until I came across a life changer, that was when I know exactly how to build my traffic without even spending hours online, and this is the very method am sharing with you today, the Best and most efficient way on how to Drive traffic to your blog or your blog posts for FREE without even a dime.

Currently, I have not spend any money advertising this website anywhere, but you will be amazed on how fast my traffic increases per day, and seriously, these are the few tips I humbly use to highly increase my traffic each day.

The truth is that, you might have heard of these methods, but you have simply over them, you might have come across someone else doing it, and you start saying that they’re just “fooling” themselves, well, the little seeds (things) you’re neglecting is the door to greater harvest.

The truth is that, most people won’t read through this post, they won’t look through this infographic and understand the information contain in it, and yet, they will keep looking for “fast means to building their blogs and traffic”!

Well, the truth is sometimes bitter, harsh and even heart breaking, if you do not read through this post, you’re missing out on a jackpot full of keys to unlocking the door to over flowing blog success, which is traffic building!

That is why WSO keeps selling like widefire, because Humans want to get value for every information they get. The same contents of any SEO e-book can be found online through search engine. I have come to know about this, and since then, I stop buying e-books that promise unimaginable things, although till date, I still buy e-books, but I must know and see the evident of what you’re trying to sell to me in you first.

Imagine seeing a mind blowing e-book titled “How To Install WordPress and Get the BEST Web-Hosting Packages For Free with Just $10”

And who is advertising this? A blogger who is currently hosting his domain name on blogger and his domain is omoscowonder.blogspot.com.. This sounds stupid and is not even logic, and anyone who buys such products is buying copyright, because the blogger plainly do not know what he’s talking about!

Please ensure that you take each part very serious, let it be a journey/task that you MUST complete up to 2-5 of each method shared below in the infographic every day, and after completing it, believe you me, you will see a drastic but positive turn around in your blog traffic.

This is the Very main secrets top bloggers and using, and here’s It for you to USE and it’s totally FREE.

 Here’s The Best Ever Guide On How To Promote Your Blog (101+ Guides)

blog promotion best guidelines

All credit goes to Digital Philippines

10 thoughts on “99 + 21 Ways On How To Promote Your Blog

  1. It’s pretty awesome Blog Engage is on the list! I loved the info graphic, it really covers everything from the best to the even better! What an excellent idea to put all this together into 1 post. I haven’t even tried half the stuff you had mentioned. I was surprised to see BizSugar under syndication… it’s more like social bookmarking seeing they don’t offer syndication like Blog Engage. Word of mouth is a great way as well, I like to think affiliate marketing actually does this a little bit.

    1. Hello Bbrian, Thanks for coming over, honestly, Blogengage is simply one of the best way to promote our blog and get more advertisers.

      Thanks for creating such an awesome platform for the sole benefits of Bloggers.

  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting info Isaiah. I also checked the source of your infographic since I cannot view the infographic posted here. i hope i can also create infographics like the one that Digital Philippines did

  3. making such a long infographic is really difficult . I was reading it and found many things new which i don’t know. Thanks for sharing this.

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