33+ Ways on How to Promote Your New Blog Post [Infographic]

Promoting our blog posts, as bloggers, this is one of the most disturbing question which everyone needs answers to.

Even me before, as a blogger, I have always been faced by this question staring me in the eye, and that is: how can I get my blog posts out there for everyone to see?

Yes, I know you have created a wonderful post, excellent article, edit and create your own image, and went as far as providing a video tutorial, but yet, you still do have the traffic you need. The truth is, no one sincerely knows about it, and it is left in your care to start the wild fire, to get other people to notice what a great content you just published on your blog, and this method guide you to do exactly that!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this infographic here is worth a million word to any blogger who is faced with the challenge of taking their blog to the next level.

This infographic provides you, a easy way on how to promote your blog posts without spending too much.

Truth is, some of these methods include your money, but most of them are free and they are worth giving attention to.

Here are top 30 ways on how you can promote your blog post and get it to the world.

1. Add the post on your personal and business pages in facebook, you can then promote the pages using facebook boost option. You can use $5 + to do it. Very simple and effective.
2. You have to schedule it on twitter for the next 30 days, and let it post two to three times per day. Ensure you change each of the titles, to get your targeted audience attention.
3. Create a board on pinterest specifically for the blog post and pin the post to it. This should be done for each and every posts you publish on your blog.
4. You have to promote it via Linkedln, and you can do this by sharing it on your linkedln groups, timeline and through ads.
5. DO share it on google+ with the public and circles you belong to. There’s a myth that there’s an SEO benefit to this, but that would be for another day.
6. Stumble the post on stumbleupon. If you don’t have an account with them, then proceed and create an account with stumbleupon today.
7. Use dig to get others to discover your blog post.
8. To get your blog post discovered by thousands of people, Reddit is a must community for you to share it.
9. Use delicious to promote your blog post. It’s one of the most popular community and it have lots of users that is waiting to read your blog post.
10. Technorati is a must for you. To promote your blog post to like-minded people, then use Technorati, and it’s free.
11. Add your latest blog post in your next newsletter, get your subscribers alerted about your new blog post.
12. You can share your blog post on forums and groups you are in. this can really help get your blog post go viral.
13. Have you heard of wisestamp.com? it helps you to add your latest post as a signature in your newsletter.
14. You have to get your blog subscribers to know about your blog post, and this can be done through email newsletter. Top bloggers are using this method and it’s helpful.
15. An RSS feed automatically push your latest blog post to those who signed Up.

I said 30 ways, but just publish in text, ONLY 15 ways, below is an infographic that shows you in full 30 ways how to promote your blog post and get it viral.

promote blog postsThis infographic is designed and created by Launch Grow Joy

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