10 Quality Ways To Drive Huge Traffic to Your Promotion

Have you ever run a promotion before? how did you get others to noticed it? which method did you use to get users to notice your promotion?
How did you get your targeted audience to know about your “promotion”.

If am to continue asking you questions, i guess we wouldn’t be ending it today, so let’s jump over it for the main time, since you come here precisely to know how i promote my promotions, i will be giving a a detailed guide through infographic on how to drive traffic to any promotion you’re currently handling right now.

I have always used facebook in driving my promotion, since they gave me the option to target a certain number and amount of people i want per day, plus the price is affordable.

Truth be told, we can’t just deny the fact that Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world today, and that it have millions of visitors per day, which comes for several reasons, and you can tap into this and get what you want for a cheap price without breaking into anyone’s privacy or doing some thing illegal or spammy.

The effectiveness of Facebook promotions to engage Facebook fans and acquire new ones is simply awesome, But one thing i noticed is that most people won’t notice your promotion tab on their own, since facebook do change fanpage posts and timeline post visibility.
The Tab engagement levels have dropped by over 50% since Facebook did switched to the Timeline format, and almost everyone who owned a big fanpage or database of friends then knows what i mean, the number of people/fans we can reach before is a lot more better than now.
Even if we have a big fanpage, the number of people your post reaches will not be much, and the truth about facebook fans is that they aren’t likely to go digging for them on their own.

SO in order for you to make your promotion noticed, you have to promote it. It’s a must to promote your promotions and broadcast it to current and potential fans.

Once more, you have to note here that the Facebook tabs aren’t visible on mobile devices anymore. SO with 751 million mobile users on Facebook, that’s a large part of the population that probably won’t see your promotion. According to the latest statistics, more than 1 in 6 people use ONLY a mobile device to access Facebook!

Here are some basic means to get your promotion to the right audience, through paid and free methods.

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having a “Pre-Launch” plan works well in helping your promotion. However, depending upon the nature of the promotion, you could add press releases before and during the promotion’s time period.

Using some of the tips which will be showed in the infographic below, is great.

However, sending pre-launch messages of what the promotion is all about, could help jump start the signups/registrants, when what you are trying to promote goes live on launch day and get some viral action going.

Likewise, a press release just prior to launch day, will certainly help garner some media coverage, which will both offline and online, helping to stack the odds in your favor.

FB promotion

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Disclaimer: This infograpgic is designed by: Wooxbox.

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