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Multiple Ways to Make Money Online with Amazon

Just like i have been saying for sometimes now, on how i earned more than $50 on Amazon and how you can do it too.
Please before you judge me, i earned that amount in less than 10+ days before the google penguin 2.1 when hit my amazon website and took me, from page 1 of my main keyword, when i was on number 3-5, t page 90, where only google bots visits.

If you wish to make money online, one of the best (foolproof) ways is to earn it from Amazon, the web’s largest retailer. There are multiple ways to make money with Amazon, but here you will find the simplest and easiest ways that enable beginners to start earning profitable income working from home.

earn money with amazn

Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

Working as an Amazon affiliate is the simplest way to build your income from the web. You can start right away by following these steps:

1. Visit the official website of Amazon. Scroll down until you get to the bottom part of the page. Go to ‘Make Money with Us’ and then click on ‘Become an Affiliate’.

2. Click on the orange button that says ‘Join Now for Free’ on the upper right hand of the page. If you wish to know more about joining the affiliate program, click on ‘Learn More’, which you can find just below the orange button.

If you choose to join the program immediately, clicking the button will redirect you to the sign-in page. You will have to provide Amazon with a valid email address to create your sign-in credentials.

Or you can register directly on the affiliate prgram by CLICKING HERE.

If you choose to learn more, the link will redirect you to the program overview page. On this page, you will find the following:

• tools that Amazon provides to help you make money with them

• advertising fees which will become your revenue in promoting Amazon products as an affiliate as well as referring other persons to sign-up as an affiliate

• reports that will show you your earnings from promoting the products and referring the program to your connections or network, and will also enable you to determine your best practices in making money from your site as an Amazon affiliate

Sell Your Own Products on Amazon

The best advantage you can get from using Amazon as your marketplace for selling your products is the built-in customer base. Amazon has millions of customers, and reaching a percentage of this solid customer base guarantees sure income for you.

To learn more how to sell your own products, visit the official site. At the bottom of the page, click on ‘Sell on Amazon’. You will then choose between selling as a professional and selling as an individual.

The difference between the two is the number of items you can sell and the fees to pay Amazon for the use of their platform. The base is 40 items. If you need to sell >40 items, you qualify as a professional seller. If you are selling

Publish Your Print Book or E-Book on Amazon

Amazon offers their independent publishing services where you can publish your book and reach the built-in readers and subscribers of Amazon. The best part of it is that the program allows you to publish free of cost and earn your royalties by as much as 70% for your e-Books, and up to 80% for the print versions of your book.

Another way to earn from this method is to publish an audio version of your book. Amazon will provide you with the tools on how you can create your audiobook and earn higher royalties from it.

These three ways to make money online with Amazon are the bestsellers when it comes to generating foolproof income online. Choosing these methods will surely save you time, effort, and money for capital to earn your profitable income online.

What do you think about amazon? have you ever earned with amazon affiliate program? which method did you used in earning with amazon?

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