What Agreement Is Reached Between Paris And Juliet`s Father


The confrontation between parents and children, youth and age, is the subject of further investigation in this scene, when Julia`s father suddenly decides to marry Paris as soon as possible. While Brother Laurence tried to use the wisdom of his years to encourage the young and impetuous Romeo to be patient and take his time until he could claim his fiancée, Juliet`s father here makes hasty plans for his daughter`s future. Why are conflicts between rich and poor difficult to resolve? to mark that I am attentive to what I say; Eight. She, oblivious to being ignored and filled with the new passion that the adventure of that night had engendered, called her lover by name (which she says is absent). “O Romeo, Romeo!” she said, “Why are you Romeo? Deny your father, and refuse your name for me; Or if you don`t want to, be my sworn love, and I won`t be a capulet anymore. The two main families in Verona were the wealthy Capulets and the Montagues. There had been an old dispute between these families, which had grown so high, and the enmity between them was so fatal that it extended to the most remote people, the partisans and supporters of both sides, so much so that a servant of the Montague house could not meet by chance a servant of the House Capulet, nor a capulet encounter with a montague. , but violent words and sometimes bloodshed followed; and were often the brawls of such chance encounters that disturbed the happy calm of the streets of Verona. For the time had come when the monk had promised that she would wake up. and he learned that the letters he had sent to Mantua had never been obtained by the ill-fated incarceration of the messenger Romeo, with himself a sharp and a lantern to free the woman from captivity. but he was surprised to find a light that was already burning in the monument of the Capulets, and to see swords and blood nearby, and Romeo and Paris, lying breathlessly at the monument, breaking the day they parted, and Romeo, who was full of thoughts of his beloved and this blessed assembly, to allow him to sleep instead of going home.

, tilted his course at a hard monastery to find Brother Lawrence. The good monk was already in his devotions, but when he saw the young Romeo so early abroad, he rightly assumed that he had not fallen that night, but that a certain contempt for the youthful affection had awakened him. He was right when he insinuated Romeo`s vigilance to love, but he made a false assumption about the object, because he thought his love for Rosaline had kept him awake. But when Romeo revealed his new passion for Juliet and asked the monk to marry him that day, the holy man raised his eyes and hands in a kind of astonishment at the sudden change in Romeo`s affection, for he was familiar to all Romeo`s love for Rosalin and his many complaints for his contempt; And he said that the love of young men was not really in their hearts, but in their eyes.