Reason Why Bloggers Will Never Make a Penny Online

Seriously, this is the height of it all, and who is to be blamed? Is it the marketers who meet people on the road, through TV adverts, Radio or online Adverts telling them how “A Home Mum makes $10,000 Online working from Home” etc, and they will proceed to sell scrappy 10 page E-book to them, only for these people to open a blog and start copy-paste? Only for them to dump blogging after 6-12 months without earning any money online!

Thanks to people like this, that is why is such a huge success.

Or should we blame the likes of, Webs, Weebly, etc for creating a platform for some people to create a BLOG online for FREE and proceed to copy paste and start checking their Adsense account to see how much they have earned so far. SMH (shaking my head)

What about the domain name providers? Who provide domain names at $1 per domain name a year? Should we blame these people/companies for trying to make life easier for upcoming bloggers?

how to stop i frame websites

After thinking this through, I discovered that NONE of the above mentioned companies/corporation are to be blamed! (except the cheating marketers though, who makes blogging look a lot easier than it seems to unsuspecting people)

What prompt me to write this post here today, is because of a blogger who choose to spin ALL articles on a blog and start complaining that he has NOT earned any money online! Imagine the impetus, the guts to utter such words in a comment section discussion, “saying that so far, he has not make any money online, doing nothing and just spinning other people’s hard work, and he expects to start banking!
Guess the reply, “You WILL never make a dime online spinning other peoples hardwork” Do you think it’s possible to eat your cake and have it?

Even if you eat the cake and have it (which sis very unlikely), you will be paid with the same coins, remember the saying that goes

“The way you makes your bed, that is how you will lie on it.”

This is the very reason why Google adsense has refuse giving out adsense accounts to newbie bloggers, because making money online has turned to the sole purpose of blogging.

Don’t get it twisted, all successful bloggers came online to start earning money, but they know that they will have to work hard, have to persist and also hope that one day, they’ll succeed.

Back in the days, we come online because we want to share something valuable and then come some PPC companies to start monetizing contents, but now, you will see a person who come online and just compose one article, only to start searching google for keywords like:

“how to monetize my website, how to make money online from my blog”.

This is not a “hear-say” It happened live in one faebook group where am very much active, a blogger (should I say blogger?) created an account with Blogger, and created just 1 (ONE) article and asked for adsense.

He then proceed to come to this facebook group and start spilling out his anger (over nothing) that the people governing over the affairs of approving adsense applications are wicked, saying that they don’t want the upcoming to grow! And how can you grow, ? if I may ask him? Through getting an approved adsense account and start scanning fiverr, SEOclerk or SEOprince for service that will click his addsense 50 times.

We bloggers need to grow up and learn the basic scoop of blogging, Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a continuous progress towards success.

There are lots of successful bloggers today who borrowed to start blogging, as for me, I worked offline just to paid my internet subscription fee for months before earning my first pay check!

Blogger are people who enrich lives of others with valuable contents then proceed to start making money online from helping. You provide a solution and get paid, this also applied in the blogging world.

One thing I know for sure that can guarantee any blogger a quick way to earn money online is learning from the feet of a successful blogger, otherwise known as a Mentor.

Mentors guides you through a difficult phase, paving the way for you and making sure that you don’t make the mistakes they previously made while coming up through the same business line too.

I discovered something similar in real life too, (Blogging is a real world though, because it involves lots of physical things like Cash, etc), if you have a mentor, someone with upper hands in any company you were employed, you will noticed that:

  1. You will never be allowed to suffer very much
  2. You will get promotion very fast
  3. You will learn the scoop of the business very fast

This is the same basic thing when it comes to blogging, all upcoming bloggers should know that making money online is basically Possible, I mean very POSSIBLE, but it comes with a price which we must all pay, don’t be afraid, it does not involve any blood related stuffs though, the price is:

  1. Hard-work: You can never be a success at blogging without working hard, having to write articles from your brain, reading to improve your business online and to earn more and work smarter.
  2. Perseverance: You need to persist every day, going to the top is not easy, just ask Musicians, they’ll give you a better idea and paint a better picture of what am saying. Persisting means working every day, trying to improve your blog, getting motivated even when the goings seems to be a little tough.You can stay motivated by reading other bloggers income reports and dream big about it, but do not only dream, think of the possibilities, not only think, Plan, do not only plan, make sure that you start out your plan.

    Remember that, “the journey of a thousand miles, begin with a step”.

  3. Fear of Failure: The fear of failure is the beginning of failure in reality! Don’t be afraid to fear, fear is just a mindset, look at leaders like Abraham Lincoln, who failed more than 9 times before being elected.
    They were never afraid of failure, make sure that you never give In to fear, when I started blogging, I was looking up to people like Pat Fyln, and true is that they always intimidate me, but when I looked at the time when they started blogging, and the hurdles which they passed through, I just said “Respect Sir”
  4. Staying Motivated: Don’t ever get dejected or discouraged with never making money online, the Holy bible said that “the blessings of the latter days shall be greater than that of the former”

Always stay motivated by reading income reports, start following top bloggers journey thread, look at what they’re doing and understand it. Follow the footsteps of the great, and in no time, you’ll leave a foot mark for others to follow too.

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or better still, subscribe to the email list, because I will be giving out more secret details through email list, some secret link service I will be buying, and other blue prints to ranking.

I will be started an amazon/adsense website in about a month from now, so you better join the wagon and let’s come together to learn how to dominate google and make money ONLINE.

Shout-out to all the newbie blogger/upcoming bloggers, don’t be discouraged, just distinguish yourself from the pack and learn, observe and work smart.

Don’t think am trying to discourage upcoming bloggers, no, far be it from me that I will be playing such nasty games. I just want all new bloggers to have a different mindset on how to “online money making” world works, the Cons and Pros, the don’ts and do’s.

The top is open to anyone who knows how to open the door, and the next big thing online might be YOU. So never get discouraged, buckle up and play the game tight.
I want to see you at the Top.

15 thoughts on “Reason Why Bloggers Will Never Make a Penny Online

  1. Yes i agree with this (the cheating marketers though, who makes blogging look a lot easier than it seems to unsuspecting people) to blog is not just easy as things, you have to work hard and dedicate more of your time doing the right thing.

  2. Hi Omosco,
    Nice lengthy and protracted article, most people jump into blogging thinking they’ll make millions out of it in no time, they forget to remember that “You need to work to get paid”, Having a mentor is one sure way to relieve yourself of much work, it’s like taking off 20% of your work.
    I’m glad I could come across this great article, thanks for the big share.

    1. Hello Larry, nice seeing you here, i do really appreciate your time commenting here. About people who thinks blogging is a pot of Gold waiting to be tap, well, they’re in for it. Making money off blogging is really easy for the pros who have been doing it for years, but vice versa for the newbies.

  3. This is so true, if you want to be successful online, you will need to learn from the people who are already making money from their businesses online.

    I have seen people who ‘think’ that having a mentor is wrong…. I cry for them…

  4. This is a very good article. It is true that so many people enter the “make money online” world thinking that they will be rich in no time at all. It’s simply not going to happen without hard work, time, dedication, perseverence, marketing, and … more hard work! Thank you for sharing this. I’m sure it will help more people understand how it works in the real world. 🙂

    1. hard work, time, dedication, perseverence, marketing, and … more hard work! Did i mentioned this in this article? Wonderful comment here Jeanne, hope newbies get to read them too. Wishing you the very BEST.

  5. What’s up, of course this piece of writing is genuinely pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

  6. Hi Isaiah,

    Very true, Although it’s very possible to start a blog with plans to monetize it as this will help shape your blog for the future program that you want to run however you need to know when your blog is ready to start generating cash and only then monetize it.

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