Wil Agreement


If in doubt or if none of these agreements meet your requirements, please contact the university`s legal team. Use Agreement A in which students engage in an activity comparable to that of a counsellor, for example. B propose solutions to meet the challenge of a host. Students own intellectual property (IP), but give the host organization a license to use the solution internally. There will often be a number of students, and this agreement is designed to be made once by the host organization and by all students – hence the use of students and not students. A formal agreement of the university, the student and a host organization must be concluded before carrying out DEI activities. Exceptions are those that are made under the “Students as Staff” program or in a university hospital. The university cannot live with a part of itself. An agreement is essentially a contract that protects all parties involved. Aon Insurance is the university`s leading insurance consultant and broker. For any insurance and risk requests, please contact Aon at [email protected] Note that for the vast majority of WIL`s activities, Agreement A is the preferred document. You must print the WIL agreement, sign it and download it on the InPlace portal.

Anti-discrimination laws, statutes and academic policies form the framework of our commitments to justice and equal opportunities. They lead staff and students on their rights and obligations to illegal discrimination and harassment. For more information, see the University`s policy for student equality and social inclusion. The current integrated Learning Policy and Procedure work is available in the guidelines library. A safer community should be used to report and conduct incidents such as harassment, harassment and sexual assault that do not require immediate response. The University Critical Incident Protocol is a flow diagram guide for reporting incidents. All incidents must be reported via QuickSafe, the university`s online reporting form. Report a request with P-C Service CentrePhone: `61 3 9919 5999E-Mail: [email protected]u.edu.to THE WIL Integration in the school curriculum is part of our obligation to improve employability. It contributes to the search for VU graduates as highly skilled workers and employers. Work Integrated Learning (WIL) includes all activities that involve students in authentic professional practice. WIL aims to develop disciplinary knowledge, skills and understanding that are also integrated into the program. Co-Curricula WIL can prepare or help students achieve learning outcomes in WIL programs.

These activities can be formally evaluated, but are not fully integrated into a study unit. Look at a tool that allows you to create a WIL program in a curriculum. The WIL Digital module was launched in February 2019.