Wire Transfer Made Available For All Indian Adsense Publishers

What a great news, i don’t think the internet world would have been complete without the Indians, i have come across so many Indians and they’re really cool and knows “blogging“.

The idea to make Wire Transfer available for Indian publishers started some few months ago, when the Indians in Google webmaster forum all came together and with one voice, decided to use their signature to humbly ask Google to enable Wire-Transfer for their country, and as we can all see now, it’s a Huge success, as the Adsense Monetary section has approved all their India publishers to receive their Payment through Wire transfer.

It’s a great move by Adsense and i hope that one day in the nearest future, i will be sharing another news about Adsense approving Nigeria to receive their adsense payment via Wire transfer.

Right now, all India adsense publishers can now get their adsense monthly earnings wired to them directly to their bank accounts without spending £17 per check they receive from DHL. Below is a quote from Google’s blog.

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“Hello AdSense publishers in India!

We’re excited to let you know that we’ll soon be improving the payments process in India and use a faster, more reliable, and secure alternative to cheque payments. As part of upgrading your account to our new payments system, we are replacing cheque payments with U.S. Dollar international wire transfers. We think you’ll find this to be a major improvement over cheque payments, and we welcome your feedback to let us know how this changes your payment experience. Publishers participating in our recent wire transfer beta testing report minimal fees (typically Rs. 56/- to Rs. 110/-, approximately $0.90 to $1.78) and favorable exchange rates on these transactions. You’ll benefit from receiving these payments in your bank account automatically, saving you from a trip to the bank.”

You can read More HERE

Surely, this is good news to all Indian publishers, and yes, to all My India friends, “Have a great time earning more, because receiving payment is just a matter of minutes every Month.”

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